Portada Alexander COBB Swimwear Latitude 2017

Alexander COBB Swimwear Latitude 2017

Impactante esta nueva colección de bañadores para hombre, de la firma danesa Alexander COBB. Bajo la denominación de “Latitude” y dedicada a nombres de mares (Carribean, Coral, Adriatic, Ross, Solomon, Labrador, etc.). Con un magnífico diseño y una calidad, que la convierten en una firma puntera en el mundo de la moda para el hombre. Resaltando los atributos varoniles y con la escultural belleza de este imponente modelo, la espectacular y excitante nueva colección Latitude 2017, de Alexander COBB Swimwear. Un placer para los sentidos.

Our newest swimwear collection Latitude 2017. Swimwear is named by world seas (Carribean, Coral, Adriatic, Ross, Solomon, Labrador, etc.). World sea as a division of an ocean, delineated by landforms, currents, or specific latitude or longitude boundaries. That’s why we named collection Latitude.
Alexander COBB© was introduced to his audience for the third time with his collection of men’s swimwear in two variations: slip / trunks and boxers, following world’s trends and targeting men aware of their bodies, and those that like movement, enjoy water sports and recreational activities.The top material quality from a leading European manufacturer is good reason to purchase any of the given product.
They are easy to dry, hold well, and its cut allows sport movements, speed in water, as well as in dry weather. The materials consists of ultraviolet protected factor 50+ (UPF 50+) which blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet sunrays, outstanding endurance for high temperatures, steadiness in color and quality, and resistance to sand and peeling.
The material used to make swimwear (Revolution Energy) is a fabric of high compression which enables outstanding elasticity, optimal muscle compression, and exceptional transparency. It influences the correct muscle maintenance, increase in effectiveness of movement and decrease in muscle fatigue. All these attributes create a perfect fabric for sporting and intensive activities in salted or chlorinated water. Thanks to the use of Xtra Life Lycra, clothing pieces keep its shape over a longer period of time.
Last but not least, Alexander COBB® swimwear in slip/ brief cut comes with lift up system. This system utilizes foam pouch to provide comfort and increased volume of male attributes. It also helps with general impression when exiting the water.


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